June 19, 2017

How Do You Know You Are A Dad?

So, yes, it is easy to be a Father--or father a child--but when do you know you are a Dad? I think that hit me this past weekend while we celebrated Father's Day. I officially became a father several years ago and more permanently when our Lucky Dragon was born. Now we have added Koala Bear to the family too. But it was when I went to church on Sunday that I realized the how I have truly become a Dad!

You see many of you know I have a vain side and prefer to dress and look nice. I have always been particularly picky about the ties I wear. I knew I wanted to marry a woman that could choose a good tie--and I trust Lady Hiva's taste to the highest degree, if you were wondering. I just never understood why guys would wear ugly ties. I suppose that sometimes they may think those ties are fashionable or their style, other times it is because they were given the tie by a loved one. For years I knew that if I was given a tie I did not like, I would not wear it. I have not had to worry for the past 9 years because ties given to me by Lady Hiva are perfect. This year Tau'aho chose a Hilfiger tie with turtles on it.

It is navy blue and has hundreds of small turtles. This was not surprising because he loves turtles and owls. He has a turtle he sleeps with and we have watched the Smithsonian Turtle series several times over. It is not a tie I would choose to wear or buy. But I should have known that was what I would be wearing to Church.

Every Sunday we have this routine where he chooses what tie I wear and which cuff links. I also bought him a French Cuff shirt so we both wear cuff links. He gets to choose them for us both. Last week we both wore cars, we also have our initials. This Sunday he had me wear my turtle tie and turtle cuff links and he was so proud. And guess what...I was so proud to wear turtle like I have never done before. In that moment I had proof I was a dad--if the definition of dad is that we are willing to do things for those we love that we would not do otherwise.

Now, yes, it could be worse. The tie could be uglier or the task/sacrifice that we make is harder, but I still felt the same. I am grateful for my little family. Lady Hiva truly made it a special day. She cooked a beautiful breakfast and delicious dinner. They also gave me some wonderful gifts--legos, bright colored shirts and ties. Lucky Dragon made a card in Primary at church and his card said his favorite thing to do with his dad is camping. It is good we have been doing A LOT of that lately, and I guess we will do more. He also gave me some candy he chose and they were grape flavored! I detest grape flavoring. I like grapes, but the flavoring is horrible. I throw away grape Skittles rather than eat them (or give them to Lady Hiva). But he was so excited that I wanted to "share" them with him haha.

Yes, being a dad has opened a new world of happiness. I love watching our little ones grow. I want to be better for them. It also means I don't have to justify playing with legos. I can now name all of the Monster Trucks we see, sing theme songs to many cartoons, was SO excited for Disney's Cars 3 come out last week that I bought us tickets months ago for the opening night and have grown to love demolition derbies like never before. Who knows what will happen with Koala Bear gets older and has her own interests.

So yes, I wear turtles and go to monster truck rallies and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. And this is why:

May 31, 2017

A Sandy Beach In Utah

When you come from Hawaii you become a bit of a "beach snob." Not many places live up to the serenity of a Hawaiian beach with a beautiful sunset, clear blue water and perfect sand. Yes, there are some...but not many.

Living in Utah has been interesting for Lady Hiva and I because it is the first time that we have lived away from some sort of water--a lake, the Bosphorus, the ocean etc. So we are constantly looking for places to recreate something close to home. This weekend we were invited to join some family to Pineview Reservoir just East of Ogden, UT. We were happy to go along for the journey.

The night before we had spent having our own little family bonfire and we all loved that. We had gone to Willow Creek campground in Lehi, UT. It was perfect for a nice day trip or camping. There is water, plenty of green field space to play games and fire pits. Lucky Dragon was mesmerized by the fire (takes after me) and wanted to throw everything in. He thought it was so much fun to watch the marshmallows grow as they melted. In fact, he said he would rather eat the carrots and burn the candy than the other way around (again, my kid!).  But when presented with a chance to join family at a body of water, we jumped for it!

Mum makes a good goalie!

I had never been up there before. If Huntsville, UT was not so far away from Salt Lake City I would not think twice about moving there. I would spend every evening at the water.

We found a spot on the beach of sand--along with hundreds of other Memorial day celebrators. It was a sunny, perfect day. Lucky Dragon was in HEAVEN. I don't think he stopped for even a few minutes. We rode canoes, we built sand castles, we used the stand up paddle board and we laughed...as I said, it was a perfect day. Lady Hiva and I would take turns taking Lucky Dragon out on the stand up paddle board. He would sit down by our feet as we went. On one of the trips a large wake from a speed boat caught us broadside and we tipped over. The poor guy panicked! But he is so incredibly brave. Once we talked about the importance of the life jacket and that he was fine, he went out with us a few more time. Although, after that he was SURE that his mum was a far better athlete than I because "she never tipped me off." He may be right.

So if you are looking for a place to get away from the city. Lehi and Huntsville both offer some amazing options! We had a good weekend. I ended it with so much gratitude for my little family. It is hard to go back to work after spending so much time with them!

May 15, 2017

Derby Days Have Begun!

I was excited to take my Lucky Dragon to the first demolition derby of the year. We made our way to Ogden after begging Lady Hiva to join us--to which she kept declining. She didn't break down with our incessant asking over and over.

There are not many things that would keep our active little guy still for 5 hours straight. Actually, I cannot think of ANYTHING else that she stays that long in one place. In Church it seems he can't sit for more than 4 minutes before another surge of adrenaline occurs. In fact, last Sunday he waited until the quietest time of the meeting to yell, "Koala Bear has to defecate!" When Lady Hiva and I talked about her needing a diaper change. However, with the demolition derby he sat for nearly 5 hours.

We cheered on our favorite cars, we watched them roll over, tip back up and keep going, we saw them burst into flame and the driver have to escape to not go up in flames too--it was so much fun to watch him get excited.

We even were treated with an appearance from our favorite truck from last year (team from Southern Utah) Junky! Then we caught a prize Frisbee too. All the fun that Lady Hiva and Koala Bear missed out on.

We were, however, more wise this time. We brought noise cancelling ear muffs and ear plugs. I was glad that our seats were not down on the rail like last time. Whenever those in those seats were pelted by rocks and mud I just laughed and enjoyed from our dirt-less seats.

I was happy to have a date night with my little guy and to enjoy something with him that he loves. So here is to the first derby of the season!